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Thorough representation should mean 'thorough representation'. We do not sell dreams! We offer truly comprehensive legal advice from beginning to end. In order to preserve our hard earned reputation vis-a-vis existing and prospective clients and immigration authorities worldwide, we endeavour to limit our client intake to those with comfortable preliminary scores. This policy has paid off and resulted in an overall success rate of 99% worldwide. The law is our business and we pursue it vigorously when representing you.

Appeals of Visa Officers' decisions are filed and heard in the Federal Court of Canada. Only lawyers can represent you and appear in Federal Courts.  Why choose us? Find out below

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Lawyers have to complete university studies and professional courses including practical training with other senior lawyers. We are members of the Canadian Bar Association. For better protection of the public, all the lawyers have liability insurance and are governed by a Code of Professional Conduct.

Legal advice and constant follow up requires a comprehension of the laws, regulations and directives that the Immigration Department or government constantly change and update. We continually deepen our juridical knowledge to better serve our clientele. We are under a positive duty to be up to date with the law. We will be professionally negligent and possibly liable if we dispense out-of-date and inaccurate advice.

The Canadian Immigration laws and the accompanying Regulations give a lot of discretionary powers to Visa Officers and Immigration Officers. This discretion nevertheless must be exercised in a specific manner and within well defined limits.

We make sure that your application is complete and covers every possible aspect of immigration requirements. Further, we make sure that discretionary power is exercised in a just and equitable manner at the time of the processing of your file.

If need be, we make sure the visa officers are updated or are approached within the legal time frame for reconsideration or appeal of a case.

Only lawyers are allowed to appear in Federal Court on your behalf, should this become necessary. Non-lawyers (e.g. consultants cannot appeal on your behalf) and they may often shy away from dealing with immigration in the event that your application is refused.

Immigrating has been referred to by some as ‘one of the biggest decision in someone’s life’. Do not hesitate to choose immigration lawyers.


»  Experience

We enjoy an excellent reputation and have many years of experience in immigration matters. We know the players, we know the rules, and we have the necessary practical experience to support our understanding of the law. We're experienced in handling both your stress and your issues.

Members of the firm appear regularly before the Immigration Appeal Division, the Immigration & Refugee Board and the Federal Court of Canada. We also have experience at all court levels, including the British Columbia and Federal trial and appellate courts, and the Supreme Court.

»  Creative, practical and accurate advice

Knowing the law is the easy part of our job. The more difficult aspect is applying the legal principles in creative and practical ways, to achieve our clients' short and long-term objectives. We take pride in our ability to meet this challenge. Before we give an opinion, make a recommendation, or advance an argument on your behalf, the legal and practical implications are always considered.

The result is that you are put in the position of making an informed and pragmatic decision.

»  Prompt Service

We are used to dealing with sophisticated problems on short notice. Whether you need representation for an appeal, a permanent resident application, or a removal or deportation order, we respond promptly, skillfully and with confidence. From the time you retain us, we get on with your case and file it forthwith. We are fully aware that the waiting and time factor is important to our clients.

»  Proactive solutions

We encourage clients to seek our advice before problems arise. Clients can avoid disappointment, painful and costly appeals through careful preparation and planning. By helping you take a proactive, preventative approach to Immigration and employment issues, we can save you time, money and aggravation.

»  Personal approach

Our lawyers are committed to providing individual, personalized service. We take the time to get to know our clients. Once we understand the problem, we tell the client in plain English about the legal framework, their options, and our recommendations.

»  Accessibility

All of our lawyers are easily accessible in person (where applicable), by e-mail or by telephone or our online forum. Because Immigration and employment problems don't always arise during business hours, we make our alternative numbers available to clients who expect to have difficulties during holidays and odd hours

»  Value

Our clients need to be able to forecast and control their legal expenses. Our fees are clearly set out in our brochures and materials. We endeavour to keep legal costs as low as possible so that they are proportionate to the client’s problem.

»  Depth & Resources

Each of our lawyers draws upon the advice and assistance of his or her colleagues to bring special knowledge or experience to any particular situation. This consultative approach helps us ensure that neither unusual issues nor novel solutions are overlooked.

The members of our support staff are experienced in dealing with Immigration law matters. They are able to provide assistance and assemble the necessary written materials in short order.

Each team member has access to computerized legal research at his or her desk. In addition, the firm's library contains a comprehensive collection of texts and articles dealing with our areas of practice.

»  Network

Our clients benefit from our good working relationships with many other professionals including lawyers, accountants, realtors and business consultants. We can quickly put you in the hands of other advisors if the need arises.

»  Information

Our website (www.passportcanada.com) summarizes immigration procedures, legislation and practical developments of interest.

If an important decision, legislative change, or other development arises which might affect a client, we let the client know promptly, explaining the ramifications in clear language.

Here is a quick and brief comparison between lawyers and consultants.

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