Immigration Lawyers vs Consultants


A lawyer is obligatorily a member of the Canadian Bar Association & The Law Society of at least one Province, both professional bodies governed by strict "Code of Conduct and Ethics". Many so-called consultants are not registered and governed by a professional body
A lawyer must buy professional liability insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000 CAD. If the lawyer disappears, you get your money back. Many unscrupulous consultants do not hold any liability insurance coverage. There are many horror stories of scams.
A lawyer is governed by the Strict Professional Code of Conduct. Unscrupulous consultants have no governing Code of Ethics.
A lawyer's communications with his client are, by law, privileged, and the lawyer must maintain the professional secret and the confidentiality of the information he receives from his client. A consultant's communications do not receive legal protection and the consultant has no confidentiality obligation toward his client.
A lawyer is accountable for all moneys entrusted to him. Unscrupulous consultants have no obligation to account for moneys entrusted to him.
Lawyers are professionally trained and have high standards of practice. Anyone can call himself or herself a Consultant.
Only Lawyers can appear in the Federal Court on clients’ behalf. Consultants are not allowed. They are not qualified.
A Directory of members is available to ensure a lawyer is in good standing with their respective Law Society. Many unscrupulous consultants confuse people with memberships in various unrecognized organizations
Complaints concerning the actions of behaviour of a lawyer practising in the province or abroad may be lodged with the Law Society.

There is no governing body and no complaint mechanism with regards to unregistered consultants' actions or behaviour.

To help you decide who to choose, here are more reasons to choose a lawyer.

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