Settling in Canada

Settling in Canada

International Students Office

Most institutions have an international students office where international students can turn to for information, help and support in settling into their new environment. The types of international services available vary from institution to institution. Before you apply, please remember to check with the institution to make sure you understand the services available for international students.


Higher education institutions in Canada offer a variety of housing options, including homestays, campus dormitories, and off-campus arrangements. Most institutions can provide you with information and assistance to help you find the best housing option to suit your needs and budget. Be sure to ask early on about the housing policies of the institution you will be attending.


Gymnasiums, swimming pools, playing fields, book stores, libraries, theatres, cafeterias and pubs are common on institution campuses. There are also many clubs and cultural activities for students to be involved in. To start new clubs or organising any events, please contact the institution concerned.


Most institutions have special staff in place to provide counselling and advising services to international students. These services can range from personal counselling and housing assistance to study skills and program planning assistance. 

Health Insurance

The government of Canada does not pay for the medical costs of foreign students. Health coverage for foreign students varies between provinces. Contact the school at which you are applying to receive more information about medical coverage and health insurance.

Immigration Services

  • Immigration Refusals & Appeals
  • Apply for Permanent Residence
  • Business Immigration to Canada
  • Study, Visit & Work in Canada
  • Spouse/Family Sponsorships

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